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Our techniques are time tested and age appropriate so that our students learn without injury.


Our teaching structure is set up so that our students can learn why things work, allowing for full comprehension and execution of the techniques.


Our instructors encourage goal setting and help our students to achieve their goals in and out of our school.

Self Improvement

We commit to making ourselves stronger mentally and physically as life-long students and instructors.

Self Defense

We practice age appropriate and realistic scenario based training at each belt level.

Fitness and Health

We offer multiple programs which encourage physical, mental and emotional health at all ages.


We value our school as a fun and exciting family environment.

Teaching Self-Improvement Since 1996

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The Journey Martial Arts Experience

Journey Martial Arts was founded to represent the everyday feeling of working towards your goal.  We think of everyone that attends as family.  We get excited for everyone. We do our best to positively motivate and challenge everyone to become stronger.  We want everyone to have a strong foundation and a strong sense of self worth.  We want everyone that walks through the door to enjoy their time; to have fun as they learn.



Our programs are offered Monday through Saturday with multiple class times to help accommodate your busy schedule. Our curriculum is progressive and innovative and takes into account the student point of view.  We work personally with each student to create a bond you will not find anywhere else.  We have many students that started when they were in Kindergarten and continued training straight through college.