Journey Martial Arts

Virtual Kindergarten Kempo (Ages: 4 & 5 yr old)

You want the best for your child so choosing the best program their growth is vital. Master Johnson will guide them in a fun way to  develop patience, focus, and good habits that will last a life time and empower them with confidence.  Take advantage of our trial program. You will love it:

Journey Martial Arts’ Virtual Kindergarten Kempo classes at Journey Martial Arts with Master Johnson are fun and educational

Virtual Kindergarten Martial Arts – Ages 4 & 5

Student improving his focus


Ages 4, and 5 are among the most important years of your child’s development. At this age, everything is new and your children are very impressionable. This is the best time for your child to develop good habits that will stay for life.  The structured program is specifically designed to be FUN and teach your child how to FOCUS.  Most kids at this age have a hard time in a group environment so the Journey Virtual Kindergarten Kempo program keeps them entertained at the same time as it builds their ability to Focus and develop Patience.  Your child will learn to LOOK•LISTEN•THINK•DO THE RIGHT THING

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