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Get into great shape with Journey Fitness Kickboxing and enjoy the transformation

Fitness Kickboxing Women in class uppercutting the bag

Fitness Kickboxing Women uppercutting the bags

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You have a busy life – work, kids, deadlines and stress. Your clothes don’t fit like they used to and you get out of breath faster.  You’re constantly handling everyone else’s needs and that makes it hard for you to get into the shape that you want and deserve to be in. Your free time is precious and you don’t want to waste it on a boring workout at the gym-especially since you’re unsure what to do there.

There is a way for you to get what you want….


Fitness Kickboxing women doing squats with weights

Fitness Kickboxing women doing squats with weights

Benefits of Journey Fitness Kickboxing

•Burn more calories in one hour than any other workout

•Build your cardio endurance and relieve stress with every punch and kick

•Gain strength and flexibility using bands and weights

Your instructors care and encourage you to bring out the best version of yourself

Good for Every fitness level – your instructors will tailor your workout for you

You will have fun as the class pushes you to be awesome




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About the Journey Action Packed 800 Calorie Kickboxing Workout

Fitness Kickboxing Women working their abs

Fitness Kickboxing Women working their abs

Journey Fitness Kickboxing is a Daily Group Personal Training Class.  The class is set to music to motivate you and get your heart pumping.

  1. Thorough warm-up
    • Gently prepare your body for exercise by gradually increasing your heart rate and circulation, loosening the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles
  2. Stretching for success
    • Properly stretch which will prepare your muscles for physical activity and decrease your risk of injury by helping your joints move through their full range of motion and increasing blood flow to the muscle which enables your muscles to work more effectively
  3. Cardio Endurance and Cardio Strength
    • Work the fundamentals of proper kicking and punching against a heavy bag and we will work with you to make sure that you build your endurance and strength
  4. Journey Fitness Kickboxing Boost
    • Increase your speed and power and you will lose weight and get lean.
  5. Conditioning and Toning
    • Use bands, weights, plyometric and/or isometric techniques to focus on a specific muscle group each day to ensure balance, functional mobility, conditioning and toning
  6. Cool down and stretch for Satisfaction
    • Feel amazing as you gradually cool down and stretch to return your muscles to their optimal length-tension relationships and restore your heart rate to its resting level.



Fitness Kickboxing women using weights

Fitness Kickboxing women lifting weights before hitting the bags

Kickboxers Chat


Two of Journey Fitness Kickboxing's favorite Kickboxers

Two of Journey Fitness Kickboxing’s favorite Kickboxers


I was reluctant to begin a new exercise regimen, although I knew I needed it, for a multitude of reasons.  Something completely new, unknown, with strangers… I am not exactly a ‘spring chicken’ anymore.  The thought was disenchanting to me.  What if I couldn’t keep up?  What if I make a fool of myself?  What if the people are cruel, rude, unfriendly any number of  possibilities?  So, for months I hesitated.  I KNEW kickboxing is an entire body work out and I needed to get back into shape.  I could kick myself for wasting those months being negative.

Something got my rear in gear finally…maybe an extra roll or looking like a cupcake in my favorite pair of jeans.  When I finally made it into class, the other members were not only kind, but they were supportive as well.  Master Johnson was amazing (I have only attended his classes, but I know many of the other people that work there and they are also great).  I left there the first evening dripping with sweat, rosy-cheeked, and feeling totally proud of myself.  Master Johnson pushes you, but not militantly, he knows you want to succeed and he is there to help you to do so.  And the other members, well, I have formed strong, lasting friendships. We share this unique, solid camaraderie encouraging one another and supporting one another… almost like a sisterhood of tough girls who come to kick ass and take names. I now feel guilty when I cannot make it there and I relish punching my days frustrations out on a bag.  I thank Master Johnson for making me want to work so hard.

(Maybe we shouldn’t be talking like this, our classes may get too full!!)

-Krista-Lea Kaidash


I would recommend Journey Martial Arts Kickboxing because not only is it fun but I can feel myself getting stronger each week!  Master Johnson pushes you to be better each class, pushing to hold on a little longer, pushes you not to quit…  NO QUITTING ON… (insert day)!  I’ve made great friends in the class and it is the highlight of my day!


-Kristen Brewi

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