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Get Powerful Self-Defense, Strength Training, Body Toning, and TONS of FUN – in EVERY Class


Beyond getting in shape and feeling great, martial arts training provides stress management, and helps bring mental focus and balance to busy and demanding lives.


Strength Training, Body Toning, and Fun Fitness

Journey Martial Art classes will get you into great shape fast and will be lots a fun – so much that the time will seem to fly by.  Our classes are designed to work the entire body and to make you feel great about yourself at the same time.

If you never done it before, NOT AN ISSUE! Haven’t exercised in years? We’re here to help you. Go at your own pace. You will look back and discover that you have gotten stronger and awesome.


Proven Self-Defense

Come and learn the powerful techniques that will keep you and those you care about safe. In each class, you will practice to punch, kick, and throw.  Even if you haven’t ever thrown a punch in your life, our awesome instructors  will help you, motivate you, and make you comfortable with the moves.





Stress relief, Improved Focus, and a Confidence Boost

It takes focus and concentration to acquire martial arts skill. The class is structured so that your practice of the martial arts will improves your overall concentration and focus and it spread to all areas of your life.  When you challenge yourself both mentally and physically, you get stronger and feel better about yourself as you begin to accomplish great things that you thought were beyond you.  The more that you train, the greater your confidence.


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